Central Dogma Records present his new website that also features the music and the information related to the sublabel Bakelite, more focus on Chillout & Downtempo, it has released artists like Logaryhtm, Zpiral, Sound Forest, and Allamil V. For more information visit You can visit the Bakelite section here.


JET ALONE MUSIC JAMS 001 Binaural -Dos Caminos Sam Crithcley – Stronger Ulises Szha – Liquefaction Yiri – Malibu Beach Joe Tejsh – Oh Yes, Oh Yes Javi Viana – America Juan Cordova – Mescaline Ed Whitty – Croi Carlos Pires – On The Floor Criss Narvaez – Doom (Kemp&Thompson remix) Sergio Ghan – Elders […]

Kemp&Thompson – Let’s Talk About House LP

Kemp&Thompson – “LTAH” Let’s Talk About House LP ( Mixed Promo ) 1.- Kemp&Thompsonn – Se Sabe 2.- Binaural – Dream Trap (Kemp&Thompson LTAH Rework)  3.- Kemp&Thompson – I Like your Booty (Original Mix) 4.- Sam Critchley – Luv’ is Poppin (Kemp&Thompson LTAH Rework) 5.- Siko – Fucking Hats (Kemp&Thompson LTAH Rework) 6.- Viana […]

Zpiral – Stardust Is All I Have EP

Zpiral – Stardust is All I Have EP Zpiral – Stardust is All I Have Zpiral – Stardust is All I Have (Kemp&Thompson Remix) Zpiral – Stardust Is all i Have EP Jet Alone Music

Kemp&Thompson – Adios EP

Kemp&Thompson – Adios EP Kemp&Thompson – Adios Kemp&Thompson – Adios ( Sam Critchley Remix) Kemp&Thompson – Adios ( Jizz Remix) Kemp&Thompson – Adios ( Zpiral Remix) Kemp&Thompson – Adios ( Binaural Remix)

Zpiral & KAT – Distance Is Our Beach EP Zpiral & KaT – Distance is our Beach EP Zpiral & True Anomaly – Distance Is My Beach Zpiral & KaT – In Da Place Zpiral & KaT – Distance is our Beach EP Jet Alone Music 2015


Zpiral ha contribuido ya en varias ocasiones para Central Dogma, así como para los subsellos Jet Alone Music y Bakelite.  Este proyecto fue fundado en el 2007 durante este tiempo Zpiral ha desarrollado un estilo propio que se acerca a ritmos electrónicos con melodías, sonidos acústicos, voces, fraseos de jazz y blues. Su música no esta […]


Only Central Dogma TRAxx in this mix We are dropping some bombs on each chapter stay tuned! For this Central Dogma Traxx Joe Tejsh & Eduard Rhom, Jizz, Smokymirror, Moyo Brothers feat Ricardo Moreno, Andy Bennet, Caros Pires, Dj Mito, GlassHouse, Dani Shuk, Reyul Mather, Manuel HB Discou, Zpiral. CENTRAL DOGMA TRAXX 001 All […]

Central Dogma Bandcamp

Visit our Central Dogma Bandcamp where you can find the next releases. Tyu – Moto A EP Ed Whitty – Mk Ultra EP Carlos Pires – Ystaka EP Ed Whitty – Vice EP Omar Labastida – Stax EP KATNIP 001 Reyul Mather – Freedom EP True Anomaly – Slope of a Line EP Manuel HB Discou […]

Zpiral – Stars Can bee Seen at Day EP

Zpiral – Stars Can bee Seen at Day EP Zpiral – It`s Bright if You Can See Zpiral – Stars Can bee Seen at Day Zpiral – Stars Can bee Seen at Day (Logarythm Rmx) Zpiral continues the epic travel started on travel aroun the sun now with this EP holding 2 previously unreleased tracks and […]

Zpiral – Travel Around the Sun LP

Zpiral – Travel Around the Sun LP Zpiral – Soul Rider Zpiral – Cervantes by my Side Zpiral – Metropoli Cowboy Zpiral – Have a Nice Day Zpiral – Like a Short Dream Zpiral – Incoming Experience Zpiral – Walk with Myself Zpiral –  Our Secret Zpiral –  The Minor Sin Zpiral –  Look the blue Sky This album […]

Smoky Mirror – Maya

Smoky Mirror – Maya Smoky Mirror – Maya (Deep Mix) Smoky Mirror – Maya (Jungle Mix) Smoky Mirror – Maya (Zpiral Remix) Smoky Mirror – Maya (Temor Hamid Remix) Smoky Mirror – Maya (Kemp&Thompson Remix) Corvin Dalek is the mind behind Smoky Mirror, he has been delivering very special tunes, tunes with a feeling, Dont […]