Kemp&Thompson – H.O.P. EP

Kemp&Thompson – H.O.P.  EP Kemp&Thompson – H.O.P. Kemp&Thompson – H.O.P.  ( Andy Peimbert Remix) Kemp&Thompson – H.O.P.  (Binaural Remix) Kemp&Thompson – H.O.P.  (Kensal Remix) Kemp&Thompson – H.O.P. EP / Jet Alone Music

Kemp&Thompson – Comfort y Musica Estimulante LP

Kemp&Thompson – Comfort y Musica Estimulante LP Kemp&Thompson -Salt Air Kemp&Thompson – Horizons Kemp&Thompson – Another Word For Love Kemp&Thompson – While Im Waiting For You Kemp&Thompson – Studio G´s Kemp&Thompson – Tap The Flow Kemp&Thompson – Screen Grinder Kemp&Thompson – Hot Zone Kemp&Thompson – Trouble In Paradise Kemp&Thompson – One Last Dance Jet Alone Music / […]

Moyo Brothers – Pulse EP

Moyo Brothers – Pulse EP / Central Dogma Recs. Moyo Brothers – Masacre Moyo Brothers – Pulse Moyo Brothers – You King Moyo Brothers – Toscana Moyo Brothers – Technopolis Moyo Brothers – Chaman The amazing duo from Ibiza comes back with another dancefloor smasher EP all this tracks have been tested with excellent results in dancefloors worlwide this past […]

Central Dogma presents his new website that features the sublabels          Jet Alone Music and Bakelite. After a little Re – organization break we are back with full power and a couple of new projects on board. Our new Website is now online we are currently on the 4.0 Version we hope […]

South Side 4 Various Artists

YA EN TIENDAS! Adquiere tu copia aqui – Now in stores! Get your copy now Central Dogma presents SS4 After 6 year on the Southside and specially living and working on Mexican Caribeann our sound has been shaping and with this series we can share our work with you in a delightful way, this compilation is carefully […]

Omar Labastida – Stax

Omar Labastida – Stax Omar Labastida – Stax (Kemp&Thompson remix). Omar Labastida – Stax (Viana remix) Omar Labastida has a new bomb-track ready for Central Dogma fans this Summer. With remixes from Viana and KAT.

Cult Tour – Coming Home

Cult Tour – Coming Home Cult Tour – Coming Home Cult Tour – For No Reason After givin us a pleasant surprise on the Debut of Cult Tour LP now CultTour brings on their first EP for Central Dogma “Coming Home” is a collaboration between artists all over the world that conform this unique project. […]

Smoky Mirror – Maya

Smoky Mirror – Maya Smoky Mirror – Maya (Deep Mix) Smoky Mirror – Maya (Jungle Mix) Smoky Mirror – Maya (Zpiral Remix) Smoky Mirror – Maya (Temor Hamid Remix) Smoky Mirror – Maya (Kemp&Thompson Remix) Corvin Dalek is the mind behind Smoky Mirror, he has been delivering very special tunes, tunes with a feeling, Dont […]