Carlos Pires – Set Me Free EP

Carlos Pires – Set Me Free EP Carlos Pires – Set Me Free Carlos Pires – Prog &Me Carlos Pires – Set Me Free EP / Jet Alone Music 2016    


JET ALONE MUSIC JAMS 001 Binaural -Dos Caminos Sam Crithcley – Stronger Ulises Szha – Liquefaction Yiri – Malibu Beach Joe Tejsh – Oh Yes, Oh Yes Javi Viana – America Juan Cordova – Mescaline Ed Whitty – Croi Carlos Pires – On The Floor Criss Narvaez – Doom (Kemp&Thompson remix) Sergio Ghan – Elders […]

South Side 4 Various Artists

YA EN TIENDAS! Adquiere tu copia aqui – Now in stores! Get your copy now Central Dogma presents SS4 After 6 year on the Southside and specially living and working on Mexican Caribeann our sound has been shaping and with this series we can share our work with you in a delightful way, this compilation is carefully […]

BEST OF CENTRAL DOGMA 2015 Various Artist

Best of Central Dogma Cult Tour – Miedo No ( True Anomaly Dub) Binaural – Daytime ( Criss Narvaez Remix) Carlos Pires– On The Floor Joe Tejsh – Oh Yes, Oh Yes Sam Critchley – Luv IS Poppin` Siko – Goin to BPM Moyo Brothers – More Is Less Ed Whitty – Mk Ultra ( True Anomaly […]

UNA MIRADA A: Carlos Pires .

En este verano Carlos Pires publico para el sello Central Dogma Records su EP Ystaka, Para esta publicación encontramos tres tracks originales, Ystaka, 303 y My Code, a su vez se incluyen remixes de Kemp&Thompson, Reyul Mather, Gustavo Lobo y Binaural. Carlos Pires al principio de este año dio a conocer su EP They Can`t Hurt You […]

Central Dogma Bandcamp

Visit our Central Dogma Bandcamp where you can find the next releases. Tyu – Moto A EP Ed Whitty – Mk Ultra EP Carlos Pires – Ystaka EP Ed Whitty – Vice EP Omar Labastida – Stax EP KATNIP 001 Reyul Mather – Freedom EP True Anomaly – Slope of a Line EP Manuel HB Discou […]