Central Dogma presents his new website that features the sublabels          Jet Alone Music and Bakelite. After a little Re – organization break we are back with full power and a couple of new projects on board. Our new Website is now online we are currently on the 4.0 Version we hope […]

Carlos Pires – Set Me Free EP

Carlos Pires – Set Me Free EP Carlos Pires – Set Me Free Carlos Pires – Prog &Me https://soundcloud.com/jetalonemusic/carlos-pires-set-me-free-original-mix-carlos-pires-set-me-free-ep-coming-soon-to-jam Carlos Pires – Set Me Free EP / Jet Alone Music 2016 http://www.centraldogma.com.mx    


JET ALONE MUSIC JAMS 001 Binaural -Dos Caminos Sam Crithcley – Stronger Ulises Szha – Liquefaction Yiri – Malibu Beach Joe Tejsh – Oh Yes, Oh Yes Javi Viana – America Juan Cordova – Mescaline Ed Whitty – Croi Carlos Pires – On The Floor Criss Narvaez – Doom (Kemp&Thompson remix) Sergio Ghan – Elders […]

Omar Labastida – Stax

Omar Labastida – Stax Omar Labastida – Stax (Kemp&Thompson remix). Omar Labastida – Stax (Viana remix) Omar Labastida has a new bomb-track ready for Central Dogma fans this Summer. With remixes from Viana and KAT. http://www.centraldogma.com.mx

Cult Tour – Coming Home

Cult Tour – Coming Home Cult Tour – Coming Home Cult Tour – For No Reason After givin us a pleasant surprise on the Debut of Cult Tour LP now CultTour brings on their first EP for Central Dogma “Coming Home” is a collaboration between artists all over the world that conform this unique project. […]

Smoky Mirror – Maya

Smoky Mirror – Maya Smoky Mirror – Maya (Deep Mix) Smoky Mirror – Maya (Jungle Mix) Smoky Mirror – Maya (Zpiral Remix) Smoky Mirror – Maya (Temor Hamid Remix) Smoky Mirror – Maya (Kemp&Thompson Remix) Corvin Dalek is the mind behind Smoky Mirror, he has been delivering very special tunes, tunes with a feeling, Dont […]