Phones & Ohms The Hidden Perils Of Headphone Impedance

The frequency response of your headphones probably isn’t neutral, but at least it’s always the same. Or is it? Two decades ago, headphones were a secondary listening peripheral. Today, they’re the means by which most music is consumed, and they’re an ever-more important part of the production process too. Compared to monitor speakers, headphones provide […]


With Terrence Parker remixing the classic Jeff Mills track ‘If’ RYAN BAESEMANN 3 JUNE 2019 Jeff Mills has revived his Purpose Maker label, releasing two Terrence Parker remixes of his classic track, ‘If’. The original track, also released on Purpose Maker in 1999, has been a standout of Mills’ more house-driven productions. The original version of […]

Human Robot – Subliminal Doctrine EP / Central Dogma

RELEASE DATE 2019-06-02 LABEL Central Dogma Records CATALOG CDDREP197 Hailing from Brazil Human Robot delivers an outstanding ep for his second release to Central dogma Records, Subliminal Doctrine will get an edgy perspective to your sets including remixes by True Anomaly and Binaural makes a complete pack hot and ready to the dance floor… […]

Luis Flores: El nuevo rey del techno

Por Andrea GuzmánLuis Flores: El nuevo rey del techno Pocos pueden llegar a ser los mejores en su género Cuando uno escucha la palabra techno de inmediato se traslada a ciudades como Detroit o Berlín, pero realmente a donde deberían voltear es a la ciudad de Guadalajara, la cual ha sido hogar por mucho tiempo de Luis Flores, DJ y […]

How To Import MIDI Drum Loops Into Hardware Drum Machines

The latest loopop video takes a look at importing MIDI drum loops into hardware drum machines. Video Summary: As drum machines and sequencers get more advanced, one of the most requested features I see people ask for is the ability to import MIDI clips. Yet still most drum machines and sequencers don’t support this feature, which is […]

Roland System 500 vs Vintage System 100m, SH-5

In this video, Alex Ball takes a look at the new Roland System 500 Eurorack modular system vs a classic System 100m modular and the SH-5 keyboard. Video Summary: “I’ve been leant a Roland System 500 for a video and so the first thing I wanted to try with it was a side-by-side with the System 100m (1978) and SH-5 (1976) as these […]

Kemp&Thompson – Adios EP

Kemp&Thompson – Adios EP Kemp&Thompson – Adios Kemp&Thompson – Adios ( Sam Critchley Remix) Kemp&Thompson – Adios ( Jizz Remix) Kemp&Thompson – Adios ( Zpiral Remix) Kemp&Thompson – Adios ( Binaural Remix)

UNA MIRADA A: Javi Viana

Javi Viana tambien conocido como Viana ha colaborado ya en varias ocasiones para el sello Jet Alone Music subsello de Central Dogma Records en donde Javi Viana tambien ha publicado parte de su trabajo. Recientemento en su proyecto Moyo Brothers se publico More is  Less EP compuesto de seis tracks en colaboracion con Ricardo Esteban con […]