Central Dogma Records present his new website that also features the music and the information related to the sublabel Bakelite, more focus on Chillout & Downtempo, it has released artists like Logaryhtm, Zpiral, Sound Forest, and Allamil V. For more information visit You can visit the Bakelite section here. Advertisements

Zpiral – Stardust Is All I Have EP

Zpiral – Stardust is All I Have EP Zpiral – Stardust is All I Have Zpiral – Stardust is All I Have (Kemp&Thompson Remix) Zpiral – Stardust Is all i Have EP Jet Alone Music

Sound Forest – The Eighth Element EP

Sound Forest – The Eighth Element EP Sound Forest-The Eighth Element Sound Forest-Remember Debut EP for Sound Forest on our Bakelite Music division, Chill out, Downtempo beats on psychedelics, enjoy… Sound Forest – Remember Sound Forest- The Eighth Element

Logarythm – Inertial Rotation

To celebrate ou 4th release with Zpiral – stars can be seen at Day EP we like to give away some of our tunes, Logarythm Inertial Rotation somehow marqued the beggining of a new era, Released by Central Dogma back in our erly days as a label almost 5 years ago, it was one of […]

Zpiral – Stars Can bee Seen at Day EP

Zpiral – Stars Can bee Seen at Day EP Zpiral – It`s Bright if You Can See Zpiral – Stars Can bee Seen at Day Zpiral – Stars Can bee Seen at Day (Logarythm Rmx) Zpiral continues the epic travel started on travel aroun the sun now with this EP holding 2 previously unreleased tracks and […]

Logarythm – Quantum Spacetime EP

Logarythm – Quantum Spacetime EP Logarythm – Quantum Spacetime Logarythm – Music in Combination “In the mind’s eye, let the cutting continue, chopping the micrometer into a thousand nanometers and the nanometers into a thousand picometers, and those in steps of a thousandfold into femtometers, attometers, zeptometers, and yoctometers. At this point, 10 to the minus […]

Zpiral – Travel Around the Sun LP

Zpiral – Travel Around the Sun LP Zpiral – Soul Rider Zpiral – Cervantes by my Side Zpiral – Metropoli Cowboy Zpiral – Have a Nice Day Zpiral – Like a Short Dream Zpiral – Incoming Experience Zpiral – Walk with Myself Zpiral –  Our Secret Zpiral –  The Minor Sin Zpiral –  Look the blue Sky This album […]

Logarythm – Time Travel Paradoxes EP

Logarythm – Time Travel Paradoxes EP  Logarythm – Quasar Logarythm – This Is For Us Logarythm – Maltreya “The future or past you travel into might just be a parallel universe. Think of it as a separate sandbox: You can build or destroy all the castles you want in it, but it doesn’t affect your home […]

Allamil V – Beauty Creations EP

Allamil V – Beauty Creations EP Allamil V – Sonic Rituals Allamil V – Sonic Paradise Allamil V – Trending B Allamil V is a Mexican Electronic Music project, focused to chill out and influenced by diferent rythms from all around the world. Allamil V -Sonic Paradise Allamil V – Sonic Rituals

Logarythm – Friends Within the Darkness EP

Logarythm – Friends Within the Darkness Logarythm – Friends Logarythm – 2012 Logarythm – Street Journalist Logarythm – Unfolded Logarythm – Friends Whitin the Darkness 4 tracks showcasing the best on his latest studio works. Logarythm is Alfredo Baillet Psychedelic and chill out beats, from a place near to the Sun. -Central Dogma Headquarters. Here are […]