Kimil – Various Artists


Kimil Various Artists.


1.- Cult Tour – Intro (In the Dark Jungle were all Begun)
2.- Binaural – Gamma
3.- Sergio Ghan — Planet Non Sense
4.- Corvin Dalek feat. end of Worlds – Ostkreuz
5.- Dubh – I See You
6.- Ed Whitty & True Anomaly – Kimil
7.- Ordep Zerep – Bed Madness
8.- True Anomaly – Responsor
9.- Moyo Brothers – Fuck
10.- Omicio – Tonight

Central Dogma presents Kimil

“Considered the god of death. It was linked to several deities of death, fertility and germination. the gods who possess this name indicates its nature cadaverous, as having the name calendáricos. According to the embodiment of the great seed, they were held in the various rivers of the underworld,

The Lord of Death and Patron God of the number ten, He uses MUAN, the evil bird of bad tidings, as his messenger”

This is the second chapter of Mayan Gods Series by Central Dogma showcasing tracks selected for this powerful Techno release.



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