BEST OF CENTRAL DOGMA 2015 Various Artist


Best of Central Dogma

Cult Tour – Miedo No ( True Anomaly Dub)

Binaural – Daytime ( Criss Narvaez Remix)

Carlos Pires– On The Floor

Joe Tejsh – Oh Yes, Oh Yes

Sam Critchley – Luv IS Poppin`

Siko – Goin to BPM

Moyo Brothers – More Is Less

Ed Whitty – Mk Ultra ( True Anomaly Remix)

Dj Mitto – The Origin

Tyu – Moto A

Criss Narvaez – Doom

Manuel HB Discou – Solar ( True Anomaly Remix)

Smoky Mirror – Maya ( Kemp&Thompson Remix)

Fonseca & Trevino – Gigi The Song

Sergio Ghan – Anatomy

Viana – More Underground ( Ed Whitty Remix)

Starting with year 2015 we will showcase our best tunes on the label in this series of compilations.


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