Different Is Different Records ADE Sampler 2015 Various Artists


As usual in october we compile a sampler to promote our newest artists in the roster during Amsterdam Dance Event. This year we bring you 8 tracks with what we consider fresh techno sound.

Includes tracks by:Stanny Franssen & Rikky Sawyer, Fran Navaez & Loopnoise, 53Hz, Catroll, V1L, Xara, True Anomaly and Clash.

We hope you enjoy this special selection.

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Additional release info:
LABEL: Different Is Different Records
ARTIST: Various Artists
TITLE: ADE Sampler 2015
GENRES: Techno
RELEASE DATE: 2015-10-19

Check out other tracks on this release:
1.) Rikky Sawyer, Stanny Franssen – Orchid (Original Mix)
2.) Fran Navaez, Loopnoise – Extinction (Original Mix)
3.) 53 Hz – Metamorphose (Original Mix)
4.) CatRoll – Ne.Bo (Original Mix)
5.) V1L – Aftershock (Original Mix)
6.) Xara – V3 (Original Mix)
7.) True Anomaly – Anger (Original Mix)
8.) Clash – Chaos In Thailand (Original Mix)


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