Smoky Mirror – Maya

Jet Alone Music 009

Smoky MirrorMaya

Smoky Mirror – Maya (Deep Mix)

Smoky Mirror – Maya (Jungle Mix)

Smoky Mirror – Maya (Zpiral Remix)

Smoky Mirror – Maya (Temor Hamid Remix)

Smoky Mirror – Maya (Kemp&Thompson Remix)

Corvin Dalek is the mind behind Smoky Mirror, he has been delivering very special tunes, tunes with a feeling, Dont go without love is the best example about this, a tune that kept us amazed and at the same time nostalgic, it stated as one of the best sons on our label at the moment we released the SM remix, a very fresh mix of influences from Europe as for Latin percusion and rhythm with a very special and personal twist, Smoky Mirror aka Corvin Dalek is a well stablished producer one of the most recognized DJ faces from the 90’s techno in Berlin theres a lot to say about it, this is his most recent EP Maya, rythm, melody, harmonie, composition, original, here is our last EP of the 002 Series. Incl. Remixes by Zpiral, Temor Hamid & KaT.


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